Friday, April 3, 2009

OK, I've got to change this whole darn thing!

I've found that I've been avoiding posting & I finally figured out start at the beginning of my life,the only good part is my childhood & giving birth to my three wonderful sons! I'm just NOT going there. The hell with the whole "life story" idea......sorry Momma, I'm going to have a FUN blog.........if it kills me! I've been stalking the blogs for awhile now & frankly, It's depressing.All these girls & woman are perfect writers & have all kinds of hobbies & cook AND bake & well, that's enough.......their lives are perfect, they have perfect kids..........what's up with that!? I think they're liars! I don't want to nor will I point any fingers, but it's just all too perfect.....of course I've read some very heart warming story's of illness overcome & challenged children & for them, I cried......but they were the exception,for sure! I'm an uneducated, over weight, disabled, retired Bartender that has never been out of this country! WHAT will I "blog" about?! OK, I WILL blog AND I will have a "happy blog"........twice...noooo.every other day! OK NOT today......just kidding...I am happy today! I found a give-away that I swear I hope I win! It was on Green Fairy Quilts. Now I have never quilted or even know any of the "quilting lingo" but everything she had was sooo gorgeous that it made me want to quilt....TODAY! It's just so overwhelming with all the "friends" lists on every blog & then you go to the next one & the next one & it takes about three clicks before you're so full of sugar that you just HAVE to STOP!
Well, that's it......I'm having a happy blog.....WHAT AM I going to blog about? Can I brag about the fact that can beat every customer sitting at my bar at "Wheel of Fortune?" Or that I can receit (is that the word?) every "Matlock" & "Hawaii 5-0" that EVER was? I don't know? But I did name my blog "Because Meema says so" SO I guess that's what 'll blog about.......ALL the wonderful things I learned tending bar for close to 30 yrs. I bet NO one has a blog about that! I met some of the best...and worst people alive......but they ALL had a story. I loved so many of them & so many of them are gone. I lost count of the funerals I have attended years ago. BUT at least I now KNOW what my blog will be...........oh I'm very sure that my life will be in there too. The good, the bad & the really ugly of it all! There's a lot of laughs along the way.....a lot...........soooo tomorrows another day......Meema....HA! Though I was going to say it right??? BUT tomorrow IS going to start..............Because Meema says sooooooo