Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm getting there!

Before I continue to getting closer to the beginning of my story........I did figure out a little something... a little something is about all I can figure out these days......OK,somehow, I got two blogs......I know I did it when signing on to something before I knew what I as doing ( I DO now!?) but I choose to look at it as I was "supposed to have two"....another note about myself to remember for this one will be or my precious Sons,who have been my life for my whole life, literally, in hopes that after reading this,they will somehow understand why I did most everything I did in my life or while I was growing up,because I DID grow up as they did, I had them all by the time I was 21! I was alone,most of the time AND I was learning WITH them in so many ways........OK back to the future.........My Momma is coming home AGAIN.......much better I'm so happy to say! As I suspected, she was dehydrated. The EMT's reenforced this & so did the hospital. Although now that they've been told that the rehab center had made her thisway, the don't want to talk about it at ALL anymore! She had IV fluids for two days & she has really perked up. She can get from her bed to her chair by herself & that's sooo much better than when she first came home. I called the rehab center to tell thm that I wanted her records to see who was monitoring her fluid intake & to see if her incontinent brief was being changed every two hours like it was supposed to be since she had a horrific rash! I think I put the fear of God in them because all they wanted to keep saying was that her release was "pushed for". I did ask before I told them that there wasn't another option since their "wonderful facility" didn't offer taking Medicare or Medicaid er funds,which is what my parents had to offer them.BUT as I said, what did that have to do with the fact tha my Mom was fainting from dehydration in less then two hours after leaving! Yes, NOTHING,she said nothing! I hope that no one thinks I'm awful for prosuing this because, we've never in none of our lives sued anyone for anything even with all the bad treatment we've recieved over the years. This time my Mother almost dyed from not being cared for correctly & that is where I draw the line! Not even the fact that the billing dept. came into my mother's room & told her she couldn't leave without paying the $200.00 co-pay she owed them for being there! NOPE,I'll let that go for now! I told her to tell them she wanted to speak to Human Relations if she came in again! THEN she was to call me! I have a HORRIBLE hate for the phone,but when it comes to my parents, i can put it aside......I wish I was better at helping myself with it, but I'm not. I wonder if it has aything to do with th fact that for 30 years of my life,the phone meant that someone was looking for their husband who "wasn't there" or asking some stupid question while drinking.......I just don't know....Anyway, my ankles are so swollen I can hardly walk & my head is so clogged I can't breath without the aid of Vicks, yes, vicks, so I'm not going to Mom's today. I'm hoping this will be gone by tomorrow so I can go spend the day & do everything I wanted to do the last time she was home! I'm going going there.....I'm finally moving My Story for My sons to finally know who their Mom is............

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  1. Thank you soo Much! I'm really just getting started so I will be posting a lot more recipes. Well my family usually goes in febuary and nobodys there but we werent able to this year and had to go in march so for us it was a bit of a shock. but yes everyone there was still very happy! I love that your blog is for your sons that's sweet. :)