Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm still not at the beginning!

I actually wonder if I'll EVER get to the beginning........I think I need the practice while I lead up to it. I'm afraid I still don't know what I'm doing....but yet I'm still jumping in with both feet! Remember this fact about me when I do get to the beginning,it may explain a lot. I'm self teaching myself by reading as much about blogs & as many blogs as i can. This is how I educated myself from the time I was 15. It helped SOME, but the best thing it did was continue my love of reading that started at a young age with my "Mr. Poppers Penguins". I worried at first that I wouldn't get all the punctuation & spelling right, but hell nobody does. Even the "smart" people's blogs are loaded with mistakes on all of the above & nobody seems to care! It makes me wonder if he children of today will ever know how to put a sentence together, without help or spell anything but all the "shortcuts" that come with doing this thing called a blog! WHY do I even think about these things? I inherited it from my precious Momma......WHY did I have to get that from her when she has so many other wonderful qualities? That does bring me at least to today....not the beginning but Momma, I'm lucky enough at my age (ha ha NOT talking out loud about it) to have both of my parents alive and close by. Momma is 84 & has suffered with R.A. for a lot of years. Along with the rest of her non-selfish,long worrying, totally devoted to her children life, she's dealt quietly with all the pain of that horrific disease. Two weeks ago, I got the call I so hate to get,that she had fallen in the bathroom & was knocked out cold. She actually fainted & fell. She's undoubtedly from the "old school" of NO one comes in the bathroom when she's in there.NO one,not her husband not anyone. I'm sure a lot of people know or have someone they love from "that" era. So it was a matter of when Dad had decided it was time to check on her that she was actually found on the floor. The next set of events isn't worth getting in to,or I just don't want to,the final outcome is that she cracked her already painful kneecap,but came thru it strongly like she aways does. She was taken to Wellington Hospital,because I was there & felt the care was better than most in our area. We must remember that FL. is a"country" of it's own ,not like any state in the rest of our country! We treat our elderly like CRAP here & the Dr's. are all the Dr's from all the other states that either lost their job, can't practice in any other state or just want to play golf everyday all year! Shall I tell you how I REALLY feel about them? With that being said, I felt I was treated as well as we here in Fl can expect in a hospital. OK, NOT the case with my Mom! The first day she was there, now mind you it was a Saturday & we just can't expect the staff to act like it's a weekday, Mom was taken for a test & when she returned to her room,she was just "plopped" in there. My Son entered to find her lying there,with NO buzzer for the nurse at her reach, her water jug empty,not just empty DRY & NOT at her reach & her lunch tray across the room stone cold! He went to the nurses station to "alert" them to this fact,after my Son her got her to drink some water from the bathroom sink, only to have them say that they were busy & of course "sorry". When a nurse came in the room, they looked at my son & said that he "taken care of it so why did they need them?"I assure you that this is nothing out of the norm & what we've come to expect here. SO when I arrived, I went directly to the nurses station with my mother's med list in hand, she'd been there since Friday evening without them even knowing what meds she took every day! I calmly went over the meds & told them that she's incontinent due to the fact her bladder had fallen (even after two surgery's to repair it) & would need to have incontinence briefs on every day. OK, sit down for what I was told next & please remember this floor was 90 % elderly people, "they do NOT have them on this floor"!!! I again,calmly asked if the Dr. could please order them for her. AGAIN I was told they do not have them! OK, so Dad will bring them in for her, OK?? Her reply, "can she change them herself" Um,NOOO, she has a cracked knee & can NOT even sit up yet! NOW I was losing it. I turned around to see the board to remember the nurses name I was speaking to & to regain my composure...... at which time I saw that each nurse was assigned to eight rooms of patients! This IS the height of our "season" & the hospitals are at capacity & then some (I've been in the hallway of a floor when had had surgery twice) & when I turned around I said to her, "I really do realize that you are busy, I would not ask you to give her any "special" care, just please make sure she has water & food!" I then told her that I also realized that she's "just" another 84 yr. old woman that you have to "tolerate" but she's MY MOTHER,who was the best mother a girl could have & I just want to be sure she's cared for while she's indeed in your care! I composed myself again & went on to request that they have the primary care Dr. to call her "bladder" Dr. to come in & take a look to see if the infection she's had for two months has anything to do with her fainting. The nurse then told me that she indeed knew Mom's Dr.& would do that for me. I walked away still thinking about this hospital not having incontinence briefs!! BUT it WAS a Saturday & maybe the "A Team" wasn't on duty! When is WAS Monday & Mom still had not even had her knee diagnosed yet,let alone SET! I talked to the "Monday nurse" who told that they did have "pads for patients who got their periods" I told her that the patients on her floor hadn't had their period in 50 yrs.!! Her look was that of disgust,so I changed it to thirty yrs. which didn't help her look at all. BUT Mom did get an "immobilizing" cast put on that day. I again asked for her "bladder Dr. " to be brought in & was told that she would be consoled as soon as possible. I also asked why she didn't have IV fluids & was told the Dr. didn't order them. OK, my mother fainted,she appeared to be dehydrated when she was in the ER, but NO IV fluids & NO record of how much fluids she was getting? NOPE! The next day Dad was told she would be going to a "rehab"for therapy on Wednesday.I asked if Dr. Bladder had been in & my answer was "not yet". OK, I'll be patient,after all they ARE "SO BUSY". Wednesday came & Mom was moved with no Bladder Dr. ever coming in. NOW I'm going to have to take a break before I continue to so I can check up on today's events. I think I've given us all enough to absorb for now.....right? It's enough for me to get riled up again that's for sure!

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